Our story – Foodztep

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Our story

Foodztep is the story of two parents in search of solutions to their children.

They were looking for a simple and safe way to eat regularly the ingredients listed among the major food allergens without putting at risk members of the family who are allergic.



Our products can help people who want to develop a tolerance to food allergens or maintain this tolerance :

  • Easy to consume for kids as for the adults.
  • Pre mesured quantities.
  • Easy to consume regularly.

Quality of our products

When we supply raw materials, we partner selectively with vendors whose quality standards match the rigor of ours.

All materials and finished products are tested and verified to ensure they meet the highest expectations of food safety.

Our manufacturing process aims to offer a superior product quality .

  • Sélection careful of suppliers and rigorous control of marchandises.
  • Rigorous personnel training.
  • Packages that clearly label the content.