Système de protection des allergies alimentaires – Foodztep

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medical research demonstrates that early exposure and common allergens is a key factor of prevention. For that exposure is frequent, it is necessary in many cases an alternative solution that is simple and safe to foods themselves.

Step 1 - Introduction of food allergens


Step 2 - Regular Consumption of food allergens

What is a regular consumption ? According to experts, it is a consumption 2 to 3 times each week of the main food allergènes.

Ceux who want to simplify the food preparation required will be of advantage to use the bags Foodztep.


Step 3 - Special Needs met by the capsules


A child whose brother or sister suffers from food allergies

Sophia is 5 years old and has a sister who has a peanut allergy. Recently, the suite d’a skin reaction, she visits the doctor allergist. No allergy. The doctor recommended all the same, in the context of a family of allergies, regularly consuming the main allergens to keep his immunity. Easier said than done : no peanuts do not come in the house and Sophia hate seafood. With the capsules, it consumes its peanuts and seafood each week a simple and sécuritaire.

Child suffering from a food allergy

Sarah is allergic to peanuts since childhood. His doctor and allergist recommends that the state party adopt a varied diet to be exposed to the major allergens on a regular basis (except peanuts of course). Sometimes for reasons of taste, or simply because it is complicated, respect the recommendation of his doctor is not an easy thing. However, with the capsules, Sarah easily consumed and regular foods such as seafood and nuts, and this, without there being any risk of contamination